Issue 178 (Jan 2021)

Questionnaire on Sustainable fashion

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Survey and community engagement workshops for trees along main streets in Sham Shui Po District

For the long-term urban tree conservation and management, this programme is co-organized by the Working Group on Urban Greening and Tree Management under the Sham Shui Po District Council and The Conservancy Association (CA), which aims to establish a database for the trees along main streets in the district. The programme also invites the public to participate in the tree survey and workshops, so as to appreciate and learn about trees in the community. The programme started with a lecture entitled “Tree conservation and risk management”, which was delivered by the Chief Executive of CA, Mr. So Kwok Yin, Ken on 14 November 2020. Due to popular demand, the lecture was delivered...

Used Clothes Upcycling – Chinese New Year “Fai Chun”

Today, we would like to share an environment-friendly parent-child activity that relates to the theme of Lunar New Year, which turns damaged old clothes into a CNY “Fai Chun”! This “Fai Chun” not only contains auspicious meaning but can also be reused every year, which makes your new year a greener new year. While we are on the subject of reuse, lots of people will purchase new year decorations to welcome new things in the coming year. However, it could be such a waste if we conveniently throw these decorations away after the CNY. To contribute to the use less waste less principle, we encourage you to reuse instead of purchasing new decorations or consider making...

Chinese New Years Activities

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Eco-Friendly Star, Eman Lam, supports Eco-Rangers

Please click the image to view the video Thanks Eman, who continuously supports Hang-Seng Eco-Rangers! Please listen to her appeal to everyone! Various online/offline activities under Hang-Seng Eco-Rangers have been launched! Join online via #ecorangerschallenge and bring the prizes home! And don’t forget two workshops: Coffee Grounds Upcycling Workshop and “Talking to Trees” Eco-tour! Details: