Issue 171 (Apr 2019)

Sharing and Award Presentation Ceremony of Pilot Scheme for Green Event

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Flag Day 2019

The Conservancy Association is approved by The Social Welfare Department to hold a Flag Day on 1st June 2019 in Hong Kong Island region. To show your support to CA, you may join our Flag by spending only one Saturday morning. Please register as a volunteer via the link here to create a green future together.A certificate will be awarded to all volunteers to show our appreciation. Register

April - Busy Farmers

The rain storms told us spring finally arrived, it is a busy period for most farmers including ours in paddy field. Rice seed sprouted in March has reached 6-7 inches and is ready for transplanting. Our members of paddy club spent their weekends in early April working in Long Valley. Although some are new members, they already mastered the skill after some practice. Everyone took care of three rows, planting from one side until the other. Energetic children filled up all gaps in between rows for boosting the harvest. Suddenly a swift-flying insect pop up, there were a pair of Lesser Emperor (a huge dragonfly) visiting our paddy field to lay eggs. When their baby comes up from water, it will...

Food Resources Recycling Centre (FRRC)

Oppose Lantau Tomorrow Vision

In April 2018, the Task Force on Land Supply started public engagement work to seek public comment on 18 options for land supply in Hong Kong. One of the options was “Developing the East Lantau Metropolis”. Consultation was completed in September 2018. However, in October 2018, the government has launched the “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” Project in Policy Address. The new Project involved 1700 hectares of reclamation in east Lantau waters. The scale of reclamation is 700 more hectares than the original “East Lantau Metropolis” Project. CA worried that the new Project would induce cumulative negative impact on Lantau environment. In March 2019, the government...