Nature Conservation Management For Long Valley

Project Objective:

It is an extension of “Sustainable Management Scheme in Long Valley”. The project is co-organized by The Conservancy Association (CA) and The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HKBWS). Local stakeholders, particularly landowners, farmers and villagers, are the major partners of this project. Conservation management is achieved by cooperating with stakeholders under management agreements. Learning from the pilot management agreement scheme, the current project further improves conservation management measures, strengthens relationship with cooperated stakeholders , conducts more in-depth ecological monitoring and improves public engagement in conservation works.

Project Period: 2005 to 2019

Funding party: Environment and Conservation Fund

Since the KCR Lok Ma Chau Spur Line issue, Long Valley has become a well-known bird-watching paradise. In November 2004, the Government announced “New Nature Conservation Policy” targeting at conserving ecologically sensitive sites on private land. 12 priority sites were selected. NGOs were encouraged to be engaged in management agreement pilot schemes in these priority sites and Long Valley was one of the choices. The project began in Long Valley from 2005. Through cooperation with local stakeholders and implementing different habitat management measures, the project aims at improving ecological value in Long Valley as well as attracting more wildlife to inhibit the area. It has come to the 10th year since the implementation of the management project, improvements in both habitat diversity and species diversity are encouraging. Particularly, the number of bird species has risen dramatically from 228 in 2005 to 299 in 2014.

In order to promote the importance of biodiversity, various education programmes are organized. For example, students and general public are guided for ecotours to observe wintering birds. Night Safari program is organized in summer to introduce the relationship between nocturnal organisms (amphibians) and eco- agriculture. Eco- and Heritage Tour leaded by local villagers is organized to promote heritage and wall village culture around Long Valley. Strawman Design Competition is held for Secondary school students. Furthermore, Harvest Festival is a highlight among our education programmes. Through participation in various harvesting workshops, we hope to reconnect people with soil and the natural environment.


Long Valley programmes:

Little Farmers

Long Valley Harvest Festival

Strawman Design Competition

Night Safari

Long Valley Eco- and Heritage Tour


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