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Volunteer Recruitment

Food Resources Recycling Centre (FRRC) practices daily surplus food recovery work andwe are looking for volunteers to join our food rescue team. If you are keen on environmental conservation and eager to contribute to the community, you are more than welcome to visit our centre and together we can save more food!

Contact us: 5541 1701/


Facebook: @cahkfrrc


An enormous amount (>3,600 tonnes) of food waste is produced daily in Hong Kong, this food wasting issue has to be stopped before we put our nature in serious jeopardy. We encourage schools and education centers to co-host a ‘FOOD WISE WEEK’ with us, to reveal the food waste issue in HK as well as educating students to be mindful in handling food as a daily practice.
1. Talk/ Sharing
2. Food Recycling Station
3. Game Booth
*If you are interested/ enquiry: 5541 1701/


Contact us

Tel: 5541 1701
Facebook: @cahkfrrc

CA’s food sharing scheme, the Food Resources Recycling Centre (FRRC), was established in July 2013 and currently sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund since August 2014. The aim of the project is to: 1) Reduce food waste 2) Help those in need 3) Promote “Food Wise” and sustainable development by recycling and redistributing surplus food in the community.

Routine collection at local wet markets, examination and redistribution of retrieved food are being carried out by our staff and volunteers 6 days per week. More than 45 food stalls, with the “Food Sharing Scheme Partner” signage, have been contributing on a regular basis. FRRC is also grateful to have the support from AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited and other donors/organizations in the community. More than 280 tonnes of surplus food had been recovered as of March 2019 while benefited more than 140 thousands families.


Routine collection at local wet markets 

1)   Recovery:FRRC staff and volunteer will collect the surplus food at local wet markets regularly. Covered plastic containers are used to ensure the food safety and hygiene.

2)   Examination:Sort and examine the condition/ safety of the surplus food in the centre.

3)   Redistribution :Redistribute the retrieved food to the registered food receivers and district organizations.

4) Package-free distribution: Bring your own bag (BYOB) for the food receiving

5)   Closing: Keep the undistributed food in a proper way and clean the tools.  

6)   Follow up work:Contact the food receivers regularly to understand the condition/ safety/ consumption of the distributed food.  

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Educational activities including student visit, food recovery experiential activities, food enzyme workshop, games booth will be organized regularly to deliver the “Cherish Food/ Food Wise” message to the public. Being one of the stakeholders in the community, FRRC also aims to develop a sustainable community and enhances its cohesiveness by providing a community participation platform established upon mutual help. Please contact us if you are interested and would like to partner or work with us.

1. Food enzyme workshop 

2. Student visit

3. Food recovery experiential activities 

4. Games booth

Food donation and receiving

Food donation
We accept the following three types of nearly expired surplus food in good condition.

1. Vegetables and Fruits

2. Bakery

3. Package food* (e.g. snacks, rice and noodle, canned food, flavoring, drink etc)

Donation methods
1)   Giving to FRRC in person or by van 

Time: 2pm to 6 pm, Monday thru Saturday except for public holidays (Please call in advance)

Unloading: parking space of the Pak Shue House or Block 3

2)   Door to door service

-  Please notify us and provide the food condition 5 working days before in advance.

-  The actual collection time will be confirmed the day before.

-  Only available for large quantity food donation in good condition at one exact point. 

Food receiving 


1) Recipients of CSSA/ Community Care Fund/ Old Age Living Allowance/ Disability Allowance/ Low-income Working Family Allowance
2) Referrals from social welfare organizations (i.e. unemployed, single parents, new immigrants, ethnic minorities etc.

Free service for those who are eligible after registration. For the registration, please bring the id card and relevant proof to FRRC during 2pm to 6 pm from Monday thru Saturday except for public holidays. Please contact us for more information.

The eligibility of the food receivers will be gradually widened depends on the recovered surplus food. Stay in touch.



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Contact us


Address: Shop 11, Block 2, Lei Muk Shue Estate, Tsuen Wan

Tel: 5541 1701/ 2728 6781 Email:

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 1400-2100 (Except Public Holiday)
Should you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us via 5541 1701.


Visit FRRC

1) Bus: 32, 36, 36A, 36B, 36M, 40P, 40X, 46P, 46X, 47X, 48X, 73X, 278X

2) Minibus:94, 94A, 312, 403, 403A, 403X, 406

3) Private car

    Unloading: parking space of the Pak Shue House or Block 3

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