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Plastic Trasher

Place of Birth:“Civilized” society
Haunt:Retail outlets
ProfileBeing a die-hard fan of plastic products, it abuses the use of plastic utensils, food containers, bottled drinks, etc. for the sake of convenience, and always asks for plastic bags after shopping. It never reuses or recycles any plastic product, but would instead throw them everywhere, releasing toxins which pollute the environment or suffocating wild animals.


Flame Thrower

Place of Birth:Inferno
Haunt:Fields of green
ProfileThe Flame Thrower feeds on green plants. A human host is required for it to burn fiercely, with Ching Ming and Chung Yeung Festival being its feasting season. This year, the weather is especially hot and dry, making it more powerful than ever. Rumour has it that some selfish human are ganging up with the Flame Thrower to burn down entire forests…


Rogue Tusker

Place of Birth:Unknown
Haunt:Developed countries
ProfileA gigantic invasive species so strong that chaos follows its every step. It is capable of transforming into giant infrastructure projects, and would never leave once it has settled down. On the other hand, it is good at sweet-talking the public into accepting it, even if it’s at the expense of endangered species like Chinese white dolphins. When the time comes for it to reveal its true colours and take away citizens’ hard-earned money, it is already too late.


Gaudy Goldy

Place of Birth:The New Territories
Haunt:Rural area
ProfileAn endemic species in Hong Kong that is rowdy and arrogant. It likes to drive across the rural area in the New Territories in heavy vehicles and dump construction wastes into farmlands, wetlands, even protected areas, destroying the natural environment. It also loves “architectural arts”, and has been building houses on its mountain of wastes for its real estate kingdom.


Incense Snatcher

Place of Birth:Luxury market
Haunt:Mature forest
ProfileAgarwood is valuable for its resin. For this reason, the Incense Snatcher travelled to Hong Kong with its hatchet to chop down the trees in order to steal their resin, no matter the size. Wherever it goes, broken branches and fallen leaves are scattered on the forest floor, a truly heartbreaking sight.


Tree Topper

Place of Birth:Unknown
Haunt:Urban area
ProfileA self-centred artist who enjoys topping trees as it pleases, regardless of the trees’ well-being. It could be seen carrying
its signature chainsaw in urban area, looking for trees that are forgotten or unwanted. Watch closely – or else another poor tree would be beheaded right beneath our nose.




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